How safe the Paragliding, here in Bir Billing

March 12, 2018

Paragliding is an adventurous activity. One enjoyed it as much, as you fear from it. More the fare factor, more the thrill and more the adventure. As you concerned about safety, this is your real and true worry, if you flying first time here in Billing. Our Pilots are experienced, trained and know all the flying zones here. Bir-Billing Paragliding is quite safe, pilots here are experienced in tandem flights (2 person fly in one paraglider – one is pilot and other person is for joy ride). All the control and direction handled by pilot. Pilot flying with you have knowledge of air speed, altitude, clouds, wind, temperature and the route required for safe flight, you just enjoy the flight and he handle the rest. Mr. Arvind Paul handle and manage all the paragliding flights. Mr. Arvind was 1st among Indians Pilots in paragliding world cup which was held in Oct 2015. He is the best pilot of India. He make sure all the safety measures during tandem paragliding flights like proper paragliding gears, flying pilots briefing, training time to time, wind examination, weather examination, thermals examination during periods of time. Presence of Mr Arvind in handling our paragliding make us best and safest team to do paragliding in Bir Billing Valley.

Bir-Billing is among top ten paragliding destinations in the World. Geographical and Climatic conditions here are favorable and best suited for parasailing and Paragliding. During paragliding flight most typical moment is take off, when you leave earth contact and start flying in sky. Bir-Billing known for it’s easy and safe takeoff. Most of the time– Paraglider lifts you, once it spread in air without running. Some need to run for while, in takeoff ground. But want to ensure about your safe, adventurous and memorable experience of Paragliding in our home at Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh.