How safe the Paragliding, here in Bir Billing

March 12, 2018

Paragliding involves element of risk to some extent, and it is as safe as you make it. Obey all the instructions sincerely, keeping the right attitude and preparedness, and using good quality helmet are vital to make your flight safe. It is also recommended to get your equipment checked before taking a flight to ensure safety. Weather conditions also play an important role in ascertaining how safe it is to paraglide at a given point of time.

Bir-Billing is among top ten paragliding destinations in the World. Geographical and Climatic conditions here are favorable and best suited for parasailing and Paragliding. During paragliding flight most typical moment is take off, when you leave earth contact and start flying in sky. Bir-Billing known for it’s easy and safe takeoff. Most of the time– Paraglider lifts you, once it spread in air without running. Some need to run for while, in takeoff ground. But want to ensure about your safe, adventurous and memorable experience of Paragliding in our home at Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh.