Trek to Indrahar Pass

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Trek into the spectacular Dhauladhar range from the global hill station of McLeod Ganj. The Dhauladar are a dramatic example of the geological forces that shape the Himalayas. Formed as the Indian plate juts under the Eurasian plate, they rise to 5,639m at their peak, towering over the Indian plains, their jagged rock peaks pointing skywards. We invite you to join us on a trek into these spectacular mountains.

The Indrahar trek follows the ancient Gaddi herding routes to Indrahar Pass (4,300m) winding through thick pine forests and rock formations. Along the way, our local guide will explain the geographic and cultural history. Medium to high fitness level required for an enjoyable experience.

DEPARTURE TIME 9 O’clock in the morning
Accommodations Accommodations
Meal Professional guide
Personal Expenditure
Guide gratuity
Transport from McLeodGanj to Gallu Temple and return




Day 1 McLeodGanj to Triund

Welcome to McLeod Ganj! Our trek to Indrahar Pass begins with the much loved trek to Triund. The gradual 9km hike weaves you through thick pine forests, oak thickets, rhododendron, and rocky overhangs as the peaks of the Dhauladhar tower overhead. There are two well stocked tea stalls along the way to re-fill water bottle and have a snack. Triund is a very popular day trek and the Triund ridge offers a number of places to have food, or tea, as well as a basic guesthouse. Overnight Camp


Day 2 Ilaka Base Camp

Today we trek from Triund to Indrahar pass. It’s a steep, relatively strenuous hike which crosses meadows, boulders, and streams as you climb to the towering peak above you. This route is commonly used by Gaddi shepherd, evident in the relatively well kept trails and cairn system. Indrahar pass is a surreal landscape composed of slabs of compacted steel grey rock. The view is spectacular. To the south the Kangra Valley and plains of Punjab lie in a bluish grey haze and to the north, the snow covered peaks of the mighty Himalayas, including the PirPanjal, lie before you. Rest and enjoy the view, you’ve earned it. Overnight Camp


Day 3 Triund

Today weaves us back to where we started, Triund. It’s a relatively easy descent but can become slippery during the monsoon. Enjoy the views of the Kangra valley as you descend into the lower Dhauladars. Overnight Camp


Day 4 Tour ends

Today is an easy trek back to McleodGanj from Triund. Arrive in McLeodGanj. Arrangement ends