Trek to Indrahara Pass – 4,300 metres

November 23, 2020

Indrahar Pass is part of the spectacular Dhauladhar range from the global hill station of McLeod Ganj in northern India.

The trek starts in either Naddi or McLeod Ganj follows the ancient Gaddi herding routes to Indrahar Pass (4,300m) winding through thick pine forests and rock formations.First stop is at Truind and camping at Ilaka Cave in preparation for your climb towards the pass. You will be sleeping in tents and basic food will be prepared on an open fire by the guides.

A good level of fitness is required to make it a rewarding trek.

Vikas Kumar, our inhouse resident Tour Manager recently went on this adventure and is happy to share this video of the geographic and cultural history of the area. Check out the video.

We invite you to join us on a trek into these spectacular mountains.

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